For many, classic cars are a way of life. We might have them for different reasons- maybe you collect or rebuild them, you might prefer the look or make of them or perhaps it’s simply about the nostalgia that classic cars can bring. Whatever it is, the feeling of classic cars can’t be duplicated.

How does the younger generation feel about classic cars? NPR published a story in which it stated that there are several reasons young people aren’t driving today. Reasons ranging from changed licensing laws to not having money, teens don’t care as much about driving. This makes whatever car they do have more of a garage ornament as opposed to a practical machine used every day.

However, some car club members feel like this nonchalant attitude can be changed with some motivation and attention. The No Name Car Club in California has donated model car kits to students at Kelseyville High School. Club members spend time with the students, helping them with the models, hoping they will gain an appreciation for classic cars. Many of the club members say this is how they came to appreciate them. They are letting the kids submit their models into a competition at the club’s annual car show on May 30, with several prizes to be awarded.

Look for opportunities to teach our young people about these cars! For more classic car information, visit our website.