If you have a classic car, and you have yet to join a car club, what are you waiting for? Car clubs are a lot fun, and they’re something that every classic car enthusiast can enjoy. We’ve compiled four good reasons for you to join a classic car club right now!

Reason #1: Car shows – If you’ve spent time, energy and money restoring an old classic, a car club offers many car shows for you to show it off. Car shows are also good places to get ideas for future restoration projects.

Reason #2: Meet new people – One of the things people love the best about car clubs is getting to meet new people who love classic cars as much as they do. You’ll be amazed at the life-long friendships you make when you get to know people with a similar interest in classic cars.

Reason #3: Gain knowledge and expertise – Car clubs offer you the opportunity to learn from some of the best technical advisors in the business. These folks will help you when you get into sticky situations with your car, and you’ll treasure their advice.

Reason #4: Have fun – What good is having a classic car if there’s no fun involved? Car clubs offer plenty of opportunities to get together with other classic car owners, and good times are an absolute guarantee.