It’s almost winter, and you know what that means – it’ll soon be time for you to start preparing your classic car for winter car storage. Although it happens every year, it’s not something we look forward to. Still, it pays to do it right.

Detailing your car is an essential first step in winter car storage, but you don’t have to pay a pricey detail shop to get the job done. These simple steps can help you effectively detail your car one last time before the snow starts falling.

Step #1: Wash your car – Be sure to wash the top and underneath your car. Debris from the road needs to be cleaned away, but many classic car owners forget this crucial first step.

Step #2: Wax your car – Waxing will help to bring out the shine, and when done right, it will preserve the color of the paint while your car is in storage.

Step #3: Clean the upholstery – You’ll be surprised what you find when you start cleaning the inside of your car. Vacuum all of the crevices to keep critters from finding food and deciding to make your car their home for the winter.

Detailing your car is fun, and it serves as an important investment in making sure you’re able to enjoy your car just as much next year!

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