When it comes to classic car care, one of the most difficult places to maintain is the interior of your car. The dashboard, in particular, is the first area people see when they get into your car, so you want to be sure you keep it looking its best.

Step One: Know what your car’s dashboard is made of

Depending on the make, model and year of your car, your dashboard could be made of a variety of different materials. Some have different grains of wood, while others have an enamel coating. Before you begin, find out what material you’re going to be working with so you know which products are safe to use.

Step Two: Cleaning your dashboard 

For many dashboards, a universal cleaning product can clean them well, and can actually make them look just like new. Lemon juice is also a great natural cleaning product. Just mix a few teaspoons in a bucket of water, and you’ll easily remove dirt, fingerprints and grime.

Step Three: Get the shine on

A shiny dashboard is the goal for many classic car owners. Check your specific manufacturer’s instructions to find out what products they recommend you use to give your dashboard a final shine.

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