In our changing world, we are introduced to new things constantly. New: technology, ways to preserve our food, ways to help our planet…. and this is certainly true in the auto industry. But, it’s not often associated with classic cars. That’s the whole point of them being classic- they are what they are. What if some of this newer technology can actually help your car?

Repairing parts on your classic car can be expensive, especially when it’s older. Because of the terrible fuel economy of most classic cars, it has been suggested that installing a secondary electric powertrain can help relieve some of the stress that those older components have. The idea was formed after creators researched taxis, The engines and brakes of New York City hybrid taxis were wear free after 500,000 miles of use. The theory is that electric motors and regenerative brakes help lessen the strain.

Keeping this model in mind, this system would copy mild-hybrid systems. A low power electric motor and small battery pack would be used in a small package keeping any modifications to the car at a minimum, This motor would be used at low speeds, mostly, but provide some assistance at higher speeds.

This is all in theory at the moment. But it sounds like great to help preserve our cars longer!

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