Whatever type of classic car you have, three things are probably true: You’ve invested time, money and resources into it. You’ve either bought or made the car the way you want it to be. Whether it’s the first or the tenth, it is part of your collection. Just like any other collection, it is worth something. This is starting to be more widely recognized.

Live Trading News reports that classic and vintage cars are increasingly being seen as stand alone assets. Classic cars have beaten other collectibles over the past several years, according to The Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index, making them a viable investment asset class. This focus is on the investment more than the collection, with those seeking financial gain as the primary goal. Not to say don’t buy the cars and drive them, but rather, buy them, drive them, and invest in them.

A graph in the article shows the percentage of a return on a classic or vintage car over one, five and ten years and compares it with other collectibles. After one year, a car has the potential for a 25% return. After five years, there is the potential for a 111% return on the car. After ten years, there could potentially be a 469% return on the invested car. Don’t just do it for the money, though!

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