With summer just around the corner, you’ve probably been checking out the upcoming car shows near you. There are many different types to choose from, of course, and today we’d like to give you a taste of what you’re in for this year.

Antique Car Shows

These shows are for those of you have cars that were built before 1965. It’s always fun to take a trip back in time and attend one of these great shows.

Classic Cars

If your car was built after 1965, but before 1994, this is the type of show you want to check out. They usually include cars of all makes and models, both foreign and domestic.

Custom Car Shows

You say you’ve got a classic car, but you’ve made some modifications to it? Check out your local custom car shows. These shows are always full of fun, and you’d be amazed at the great people you meet along the way.

Modern American Car Shows

If you have a car that you’re sure is going to be a classic, and it was built in the year 1995 or later, there are car shows out there for you too. Modern American car shows will give you an excellent view of what other car enthusiasts are up to as well.

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