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1957 Ford Ford fairlane 500 for sale by Owner - Crossplains, Tennessee

$16,500 $15,500 USD NEG
1957 Ford Ford fairlane 500 1957 Ford Ford fairlane 500 1957 Ford Ford fairlane 500 1957 Ford Ford fairlane 500 1957 Ford Ford fairlane 500 1957 Ford Ford fairlane 500 1957 Ford Ford fairlane 500 1957 Ford Ford fairlane 500 1957 Ford Ford fairlane 500 1957 Ford Ford fairlane 500
  • Price$15,500 USD
  • Odometer520
  • Body Style2DR Coupe

FOR SALE: 1957 ford fairlane 500
Crossplains, Tennessee

Will take partial
trade or full
depends read at
end on trades
interested in I
have a 1957 Ford
Fairlane 500 it's
a two-door post
car with a chrome
around doors and
windows it is an
automatic it has a
292 Y block this
is a numbers
matching car the
car has the
original 9 inch
Ford in the rear
the car is
basically all
original from top
to bottom it is
not a show car it
is a nice driver
now here's what I
have done to this
car since I have
owned it replace
all four Tires
Plus the spare
which are 14 inch
tires are factory
rims and hubcaps
on this car I have
replaced all four
wheel cylinders
and brake pads and
the rubber brake
lines second thing
I've done is I
replaced all four
shocks with
overload shocks on
rear next I
replace the fuel
sending unit I
replace the
driveshaft U-
joints after I
sandblast at the
drive shaft I
pulled the front
completely out
replaced all
bushings after
sandblasting all
the parts I
replace the upper
lower ball joints
in or out a tie
rods all the
bushings control
arms in router
steering arms at
alarm everything
is been done sway
bar bushings
replaced I replace
the exhaust from
the manifold out
dual exhaust
keeping it quite
but sounds like a
dual exhaust
system when you
get on it this is
a nun power car
now we're going to
move to the engine
bay I've replace
the radiator and I
added a pusher
2500 CFM fan I
want it for when I
get in traffic I
replace the wiper
motor from the two
Electric I've
replaced the fuel
pump cause the
vacuum system I've
replace 245 CFM
carburetor to a
325 CFM carburetor
that was custom
modified to keep
it looking stock I
pulled the
distributor out
rebuilt it and
changed it over to
electronic points
that are kept
inside so it still
looks talk with
new pextronic
ignition replace
all the belts and
hoses replace the
voltage regulator
battery battery
cables the
radiator is an
aluminum radiator
that looks Factory
I keep all those
parts I've took
off and got them
boxed up I have
new valve cover
gaskets new water
pump and spark
plugs tuned it and
everything car
runs beautiful
shifts perfect
when I got the car
the engine had
been overhauled
and transmission
they had maybe a
thousand miles on
them according to
the son of the
gentleman that
owned the car for
he passed away the
car is smooth will
run 80 90 miles an
hour without a
problem on the
interstate Chef's
fantastic it is a
60 year old car
keep in mind very
proud way it runs
and drives
considering age
moving to the
interior I have
not done anything
to the interior
but clean it up a
little bit it
looks to be all
original from what
I was told I do
believe it may
have been
upholstered at one
time or somebody
told me that that
is not original
interior on those
sheets but I don't
know that for a
fact the gentleman
told me far as he
knew it was all
original it's not
perfect out of a
scale of 1 to 10
10 being perfect I
would say that
surround a seven
the shapes look
real nice except
for the driver
side where you
slide in out of
started tearing up
at the shoulder
Park the door
panels of got a
little wrinkled in
the material a
little dirty and a
kick panels are a
little need to be
replaced other
than that they are
the interior looks
to be pretty nice
rest of it all the
gauges work and I
even have picked
up one channel on
the old AM radio
hater everything
works the vents
open and close
properly windows
roll up and down
smooth and
everything that's
pretty much all
the interior this
car does start
like it used to
start back in 1957
now let's move to
the body the paint
looks Away
original with some
touch-ups here and
there on it it's
not perfect but a
nice driver looks
good the passenger
rear window on a
passenger side has
got one crack in
it it wasn't there
when I first got
it other than to
look like a little
small chip at the
top but it is
cracked all the
way through now
still tied don't
leak or none like
that I was
planning on
replacing it it
ain't about $60
for the glass ship
to you but I don't
know how to
replace it all the
rubber around the
windows are steel
ceiling but you
know if I was
going to redo the
whole car that
would be one thing
I would definitely
do on the car to
make it perfect
but right now she
looks nice and
it's still tied
don't Lake all the
Chrome is real
nice I haven't
found any rushed
in a floor pans
and I'll be all up
under this car for
quite a while I
have seen where
there has been one
rocker has been
replaced on the
inside and out and
other than that
there that's
that's the only
repair that I've
seen on the car
and I've noticed
that I'm starting
to get a little
rough spot about
the size of the
Eraser on a number
2 pencil like we
used in high
school I'll coming
in on the
passenger door I
think it is and
there's a little
bubbling in the
paint in a few
spots but other
than that the car
looks to be solid
or trunk pan solid
the chrome bumpers
they're usable
they're not dented
or beat up but the
Chrome is not
perfect on them
you are 60 years
old so you know
still looks good
though I get a lot
of compliments
from people and at
the car shows the
one thing that
everybody tells me
what they love
about the car is
that is something
that they could
see she's sitting
in somebody's
driveway that
drives it it
sounds good it
rides good and
handles good the
gentleman that I
got the car from
shed at his dad I
think it was his
daddy says been a
little while but
he kept it in a
garage along with
a bunch of other
Ford that he
collected and this
one that he was
trying to restore
back to a point
for a parade car
and he had paraded
it back in the 70s
and 80s I have
clean open title
to the car in my
name registered
and everything I
keep it garage I
don't drive it
hardly at all
matter fact having
driving in a while
the mileage on the
car is 520 Mi with
that said let me
say this I was
told and it looks
to be that way
that his dad had
removed the
instrument panel
to have it
repaired when he
said I don't have
it repaired back
in the 80s it was
making a lot of
noise and the
stuff was acting
up on it they
zeroed it out and
didn't set it back
properly show when
I got the car I
did have to plug
the gauges back up
all I did was plug
them up and
everything is
working fine with
that said I
believe he was
being honest about
it was told that
the mileage on it
was less than
50,000 miles on
the car originally
when Hess dad got
the car now the
parts I took off
all the rubber was
dry rotted it was
still full and
everything but it
look dry rotted
the pedal doesn't
look like he's got
more than 50,000
mile we're on it
actually don't
look like it's
wore it all to me
but I have to go
back out and look
at it again and I
can send a picture
of the paddle
you're welcome to
call me but it's
better to text me
or if you do call
leave a message I
get so many calls
on scammers and
stuff I don't know
who's real anymore
so I sometimes I
don't answer but
if you call and
text me if you
text me then call
me I'll know to
look for your
number best time
to do this would
be after 5 at
night I do I am
retired so I am at
home all the time
and you're welcome
to call anytime
you want or just
text me first and
then call me
afterwards my
number is area
code six one five
four three zero
4048 best text
before calling I
do not answer
calls hardly
anymore due to so
many spam and
robocalling items
that we would be
interested in
trade on one major
items are Mopars
I'm looking for a
68 Charger I would
consider a 70
through 73 Cuda
also road runners
Super Bee look at
a 70 Trans Am 71
these are all big
block cars I look
at a 70 Mercury
cyclone GT with
the close-ratio
for Speed one look
at automatic but
needs to be too
big block would
look at very
closely a 61 62 63
depending on
condition of these
cars would
determine whether
or not I need cash
difference I'd
also be interested
in a 57 Chevy 2
door hardtop semi
project there are
others that I
would be
interested in but
I would need to be
text about them is
easier to text me
than to call me
because I don't
know if you're a
scam or or spam
calls so text me
that you're going
to call me with
your number or
I'll call you
thank you

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