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Ad Number:595775
Vehicle Type:Muscle/Performance
Model Type:2DR Coupe
Price:$26500  USD
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Name:J.R. Smith
Zip/Postal Code:32837
Phone 1:407-314-5934
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Vehicle Description

Just Toys Classic Cars is very proud to present
this very beautiful and fast custom 2006 Ford
Mustang GT. When you see the odometer, numbers
don\\\'t lie, this beauty only has 11,243 original
miles on it. Where do we begin on the laundry
list of nice parts that are on this car. Let\\\'s
start on the business end of things under the
The engine is a stock but as you will see in the
photos there is the Procharger P1SC Supercharger
making 8LBS of boost. The computer has also been
tuned with a Diablosport tuner making sure that
everything fires properly with well over 500 H. P.
under the hood. The hood scoop on this car has
been made functional to get as much extra air to
that Procharger as possible. As you will see in
the pics the hood is held up with Steeda hood
shocks, and there are also Steeda covers on the
oil, radiator, and power steering caps as well as
the fuse box cover, and strut towers. There are
also stainless covers over the battery, as well as
the main radiator cover. The headers are stock
from Ford, and from there is a 3\\\" 2 Cat High Flow
H-Pipe back to a 3\\\" Cat-Back system with 2
Chamber mufflers, all from Magnaflow.
Don\\\'t let your eyes fool you, this baby is
sittn\\\' low. She has been lowered 1 1/2\\\" up
front and 2\\\" in the rear. Owner purchased the
car lowered already before he had all the new work
done and was told that the springs were Eibach.
This fast pony wears a great pair of shoes as
well. She is riding on true 3 piece 20\\\" aluminum
Maas wheels wrapped in Ventus Sport rubber. The
fronts are 245x35x20 and the rear ar 275x30x20 and
believe me I can tell you from experience that
this car has all the grip that you could ever
want, but wants to bustm\\\' loose with that
Procharger every chance it gets. When you look
inside the wheels you will see painted front and
rear callipers. The tranny is original from Ford
with a Hurst short throw shifter, and to add just
a little more kick in the pants feel, the rear
gears have been upgraded to 3.73\\\'s.
Now lets talk about the awesome trick pieces on
this pony. As you will see in the photos, this
vehicle has been upgraded with the scissor door
kit. The seats have been recovered in black and
red leather, and you will see the custom GT
stitching in the headrests. You will not be
hungry for more information in the gorgeous
interior of this vehicle. On the A pillar are
Volt, Boost, and Lean/Rich gauges along with all
of the stock Ford dash. Now the fun stuff begins
on the interior. As you will see there are a
plethora of Kenwood pieces in this car. Let\\\'s
start with the interior. Inside is a Kenwood head
unit with an 8\\\" DVD screen. The owner has also
put Kenwood speakers in the doors as well. The
owner also had a Garmin GPS wired in with XM
Satellite radio capability.
Wait..............that\\\'s not all. Wait till you
get to the trunk. In the trunk are two more 8\\\"
Kenwood monitors on the bottom side of the trunk
lid. When you look into the trunk you hear this
car coming for it\\\'s music as much as it\\\'s
exhaust. There are 3 10\\\" Kenwood eXcelon KFC-
XW1002DVC Sub Woofers. All of this awesome stereo
system is powered by two Kenwood eXcelon KAC-X812D
Amps and also a Kenwood eXcelon KAC-X542 4/3/2
Channel Subwoofer Power Amp. There is also a
Kenwood 10 disc CD changer below the Sub Amp that
you will see in the pics. You hit a button in the
trunk to motorize the Sub Amp down to access it.
There is also a back up camera that is mounted
discretely into the license plate frame. You will
see a pic of how clear the camera looks on the
interior screen. If that isn\\\'t enough, there is
a stinger alarm on the vehicle as well with a
remote as you will see in the pics to keep all of
this cool stuff safe. There are two sets of keys
with this pretty pony as well. CALL TODAY
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