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Ad Number:594926
Vehicle Type:Antique/Classic
Model:Nova (400)
Model Type:2DR Hardtop
Price:$16500  USD
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Name:James Taylor
Zip/Postal Code:80221
Phone 1:303-931-1981
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I hope this answers any of your questions or concerns.
I am the 2nd (registered) owner of this car. It\'s one of those \"Little old lady\" stories.
When she passed she willed it to her son (never registered it) who didn\'t have an interest in the car and am told he parked it in his front yard in which his kids used it for a trampoline and a spray paint canvas.
A friend of mine that picks up old cars and sells them got in touch with me about the car after he purchased it (never registered it) and we did a trade.
I don\'t have any pics of restoration as the car wasn\'t in real bad shape to begin with except for cosmetic issues. It was repainted, & I\'ll be honest with you it\'s not a top notch paint job but looks like a factory (60\'s) type paint job. If it had top notch ($10k type) paint job the asking price wouldn\'t be where it is. When the car was being prepped I went to see it and there was not rust at all on the car. Even the underneith is very clean.
When I had the seats re-done I actually found a place in Indiana that buys and stores original material for older cars and bought the last 3 yrds of the original material he had ($100 a yrd) and had the vinyl replaced at the same time. When the carpet, visors and headliner were replaced all I had to do to the floor was vacuum out some dirt, no rust at all!
As far as the engine the only work it needed was the front crank seal replaced, a new water pump was installed, carb rebuild, a \"Pertronix\" unit was installed to replace point system for better reliability, the alternator was rebuilt (original alternator), the brake master cylinder was rebuilt. & of course new gaskets when engine was painted and detailed.
The complete steering, front suspension and brake system were removed, blasted down & painted back to factory cast with new poly control arm bushings, seals, brakes etc.
A new muffler (factory type) and back tail pipe were replaced aprox. 2 years ago. along with new leaf springs (single leaf) and new shocks all around. I do have receipts for parts but not sure how much they cover.
I have put aprox. 8,000 miles on the car in the last 8 years. Mainly going to local car shows.
We did take it to S.D. Mount Rushmore, Black Hills etc. with our car club and on the trip it averaged 25 mpg. (on the flat). I have a few of the original inspection reports from the 70\'s early 80\'s which shows mileage at that time (low), also have the original owners manual, protection certificate (which was used before the protect-o-plate), some of the original AAA documents from the car etc.
The car has won 22 trophies and awards over the past 6 years. Mainly all awards have come from \"Judged Shows\".
The car is a lot of fun, and turns a lot of heads. There aren\'t many around in the original condition most have been chopped up with V8\'s installed which were never put in any 63 Nova by the factory. Even the \"SS\" had the 194 6 cyl. in \"63\".
The car is not \"Perfect\" and I am not claiming it to be, but is VERY close. If it was a perfect museum piece the asking price would be different.
The price is negotiable within reason.
My wife and I just want to start doing other things with our summers. And think it\'s time someone else enjoy the little Nova as we have. Of course the car is being sold \"as-is\" with no type of warranty & the buyer is responsible for transport. The price is $16,500 OBO.
I hope this answers some or all of your questions. If you need more info. please feel free to contact me.
James \"JT\" Taylor

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