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Model Type:2DR Coupe
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Name:Terry Lively
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The Porsche 914: A HistoryThe Porsche 914 for the Fun of It.
By Patrick George

HowStuffWorks gives us a good run-down of the 914\'s stats.
It was small, weighed a smidge over 2,000 pounds, and had its
engine behind the cabin like a proper racecar. Other goodies
included a fully independent suspension, a targa top, a five-
speed manual transmission and fuel injection — a very
impressive package for its time. It even had two trunks! How
many trunks does your stupid car have?

Plus, with a price tag of about $3,500 when it was introduced in
1970, the 914 would be quite affordable (that\'s only about
$20 grand in today\'s dollars). AND it had a Porsche badge! If
such a car were made today, people would be stabbing each
other\'s faces in the streets for the chance to buy one.

Note: the production data shows the year the car was built, not
the model year. All of the 1976 cars were actually built in 1975.
Porsche traditionally began a new model year run in September
of the previous year (so, 1970 model year production began in
September of 1969).

From available data, it appears that Karmann (who built all of the
914 chassis) stopped production of the 914 in December of
1975, and all cars built from September to December of 1975
were, therefore, 1976 model year cars. There are only around
5,000 of this 1975 model/year left.

Call 304-545-6556. Let\'s talk!
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