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Ad Number:590790
Vehicle Type:Antique/Classic
Model Type:Convertible
Price:$2200  USD
Stock Number:
Name:Tom Cartner
Zip/Postal Code:20601
Phone 1:240-412-1711
Phone 2:
Phone 3:
Web Site Address:

Vehicle Description

Project vehicle but is ready for all the work.

in restoration phase with front clip removed, doors taken off and interior removed. Everything is there except the Engine.

Nice primered hood and excellent fenders & extra door(3 total). Everything is there to put it back includes some new parts, refurbished parts, extra chrome pieces & replacement floor pans (floor is rusted thru) and replacement panels for some of the rusted exterior. The rust is prevalent in the back with a large rust out behind where the dr door would be along the bottom edge.

Dr 1/4 panel has been replaced and displays a strong bead on the weld which will have to be ground down (placement is good, but does have a gap where the trunk lid shuts so will need to be ratcheted over a little for a tight fit).

The trunk has a rust hole thru the bottom however the frame even tho is brown & crusty in some places shows no rust out.

Nice glass, steering wheel and seats! Dash is cracked (overlay would fix it) Pass 1/4 panel has old putty that is chipping. The material of the Conv top is completely worn out. Exhaust pipe is rusted off.

Many boxes of parts which will require a truck to carry all in & a trailer to remove the vehicle (which may be a little more tedious than ordering a pick-up with a moving company that primarily just hauls cars)--has 4 tires on it that will enable it to roll fairly easily & may not be too difficult to put on a trailer as with front clip & interior removed makes it lighter.

Clean Md Title issued in 1989. Many extra photos available --please send email to inquire. Located 30 miles SE of D.C. & abt 45 minutes outside of Va.
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