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Ad Number:188043
Vehicle Type:Muscle/Performance
Model:Stingray Roadster
Model Type:Convertible
Price:$99000  USD
Stock Number:
Name:Sebastian Ragazzo
City:Santa Ana
Zip/Postal Code:92704
Phone 1:714-424-9121
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Vehicle Description

66’ Corvette Stingray Roadster
Brand-New 502 HP Big Block GM Factory Crate Engine
3-Year/100,000 Mile Engine Warranty!

Feast your eyes on the most magnificently-restored, drop-dead GORGEOUS, mirror-image, newly repainted, fire-breathing red on black 66’ Corvette Rag-top you will EVER find - in flawless & MINT condition! This is not your ordinary 66’ Vette. The new engine has barely been broken in and has less than 1,000 test miles on her. Read on...

Ever had a dream of owing the nicest, baddest, and one of the fastest muscle cars on the road today? Then this is your Vette! This very-rare Corvette was meticulously restored, not once; but twice! It leaves you breathless; and others speechless. This 66\' will get your blood pumping, like back in the day when we raced our Chevelle SS\'s; and Pontiac Goats! Believe me... you can hear AND FEEL this magnificent creature comin\' from a block a way - literally.

That blump, blump, blump idle sound brings back memories of the good ole\' days! There is nothing better than pure muscle power under the hood... no tricks; no gadgets... no nitros... just pure, ole\'-fashioned muscle; and incredibly simple to work on yourself. You will have the absolute confidence knowing that nobody will ever imagine what’s under your hood; until after you lunge off the line at a light. The velocity pins you back into your seat. Well-over $100,000 has been invested into this magnificent collector machine, bringing it to its mint-condition today.

The buyer of this Vette also receives an action-packed binder overstuffed with endless documentation, including restoration photographs; show documents; receipts and other artifacts which have been collected over the years, and preserved by the previous owners.

The second restoration (including the new engine installation) was meticulously completed by McJacks, located in Orange County; CA. Their telephone number is (714) 775-2799. Jack’s website address is http://www.mcjackscorvettes.com. Over the last two-decades, McJack’s has restored four other collector Vettes I’ve owned. Jack is really twisted! This guy uses a gauge to measure the gaps precisely, ensuring exact distance around the doors; hood; convertible top rear deck lid; and that the lines of the entire Vette are perfectly even and correctly spaced.

Below represents a partial list of endless newly-replaced and/or restored factory OEM components.

• Brand-New GM Factory Crate Engine (05/08) (3-Year/100,000 Mile Warranty)
• 4-Speed Manual Transmission
• Hurst Super Shifter & Linkage (03/08)
• Polished Chromed Manifolds (03/08)
• New F&R Sway Bars (12/06)
• Newer Stud Grill (12/06)
• New Wiring Harness (04/08)
• New Instrument Cluster (12/07)
• Genuine Factory Stock Polished Rims (12/07)
• New White-line Goodyear Tires (12/07)
• 1st 6-Month Body-Off Restoration Completed by Retired NCRS Judge (09/06)
• 2nd 2 ½-Months Rotisserie Restoration Completed by McJacks of OC, CA (05/08)
• Brand New 13-Coat Rally Red Paint/Wet-Sand/Hand Polished (04/08)
• New Factory Power Windows Motors (04/08)
• New Factory Power Brake Booster & Lines (04/08)
• New Factory Power Antenna (04/08)
• New Delco Shocks (04/08)
• New OEM Air Ducts (04/08)
• New OEM Leaf Springs (04/08)
• New OEM Braided Wires, Distributor, etc. (04/08)
• New OEM Brakes (04/08)
• New OEM e-Brake (04/08)
• New OEM Calipers (04/08)
• New OEM Flywheel, Pressure Plate, Throw Bearings (05/08)
• New OEM Clutch (05/08)
• New OEM Convertible Top (12/07)
• New OEM Windshield (12/06)
• New OEM Steering Box (04/08)
• New OEM High & Low Headlight (04/08)
• Restored Factory Side Pipes (12/06)
• All New Switches (03/08)
• All New Hoses, Belts & Bulbs (04/08)
• Original (Working) Factory AM/FM Radio
• Newer Al Knoch Interior (12/06)
• Newer Dewitt Run-Cool Aluminum Radiator (12/06)
• Newer Emblems (03/08)
• Newer Polished Chrome (03/08)
• Newer Polished Stainless (03/08)
• The List Goes On-n-On With Past & Present Documented & Detailed Receipts

Go here to preview the specifications for the new GM Factory Crate Engine:

Go here to review the 3-year/100,000 mile engine warranty:

Last, but not least... the tunes. Included with the sale of this 66\' is a 2,500w+ custom-designed surround sound system that has been meticulously installed in the least-invasive way possible. The system is accessible via inferred remote to the creatively-hidden components. The system includes an MP3/iPod connection; two high-end 10” subs (built into the storage compartments behind the seats, sealed within removable fiberglass enclosures; five 6x9 high end mids & tweeters (four in the rear; one in the dash); and triple top-of-the-line power amps (one powers one sub; another powers a second sub; and a third powers the mids); a graphic EQ; plus a remote 6-CD changer; all producing a chest-pounding superior sound that is sure to blow your brains out!

Below you will find additional links which reflect my level of integrity when it comes to “mint & immaculate-condition” restoration work. The first links represent additional photos, a slideshow presentation, and lots of video footage to this 66’ Vette.

Listen to this Vette:

Watch various videos demonstrating the power of this monster:

View a digital slide-show of this collector:

View a digital photo-presentation of this collector:

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