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This is the place where you'll find classic Ford Mustangs for sale. The Ford Mustang is one of the all time favorite classic cars. From its early incarnations in 1964 as a sporty, sharp looking and affordable little coupe and convertible that set the standard for a whole new breed, to the fastback models of the mid-sixties. The Ford Mustang has gone through many styling changes and models. You'll find most of them when you browse our ads.

# Pictures Year Make/Model State/Province Details
1 1968 Ford Mustang Illinois Details
2 1990 Ford Mustang Kentucky Details
3 2006 Ford Mustang Illinois Details
4 1972 Ford Mustang Florida Details
5 2007 Ford Mustang Iowa Details
6 1987 Ford Mustang Florida Details
7 2001 Ford Mustang North Carolina Details
8 2007 Ford Mustang North Carolina Details
9 2009 Ford Mustang Illinois Details
10 1965 Ford Mustang Alabama Details
11 1986 Ford Mustang Massachusetts Details
12 1999 Ford Mustang California Details
13 2006 Ford Mustang Illinois Details
14 2005 Ford Mustang Illinois Details
15 1993 Ford Mustang North Carolina Details
16 1990 Ford Mustang Washington Details
17 1967 Ford Mustang Illinois Details
18 1997 Ford Mustang Illinois Details
19 1966 Ford Mustang California Details
20 2005 Ford Mustang North Carolina Details

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If you're looking for Mustangs for sale, or if your want to sell your Mustang, check out the prices and cars on the market here. The original "pony cars" are much sought after collector's items and project cars. Stock or tweaked, classic Mustangs are always popular. Who can forget the classic look of the 2 + 2 fastback or the Mach 1. These cars turned heads when they first rolled out of the showroom and they still turn heads today. The Mustang is as popular as it ever was with the latest model taking its styling cues from the muscle car era looks of the Boss 302.

The Ford Mustangs shook up the car world when they first hit the scene and set the standard for many years to follow. The first Mustang gained wide acclaim winning several awards in the first year it was offered for sale, including the prestigious Motor Trend Car of the Year award. The 1964 Mustang even turned a few laps as the pace car for that year's Indianapolis 500. The sixties were also the years that Caroll Shelby applied his master flair for styling to the car with classics like the GT 350, the Cobra and the GT 500 that could go from a standstill to 60 miles-per-hour in a tire blistering 6.2 seconds! You can own a part of this history and drive it with pride.