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Hopped-up, chopped down, tuned-up and ready to go! We have Hot Rods for sale, whether you're looking for a project or a car that's ready to drive to the show 'n shine.

# Pictures Year Make/Model State/Province Details
1 1940 Mercury Street Rod Texas Details
2 1956 Ford Sedan Delivery California Details
3 1970 Chevrolet El Camino Texas Details
4 1932 Ford 3 window coupe Tennessee Details
5 1978 Chevrolet Camaro California Details
6 1933 Ford Vicky Speedstar Tennessee Details
7 1923 Ford T-Bucket California Details
8 1948 Ford 4 Door Sedan Washington Details
9 1932 Ford high boy Florida Details
10 1949 Chevrolet Styleline New York Details
11 1938 Chevrolet Pickup Louisiana Details
12 1938 Dodge RC Pickup Pennsylvania Details
13 1934 Ford 3 window coupe Florida Details
14 1941 Willys 2 Door Coupe Illinois Details
15 1956 Ford F-100 Big Window Arizona Details
16 1941 Ford Pickup New Jersey Details
17 1932 Ford Roadster Georgia Details
18 1941 Ford truck Michigan Details
19 1934 Ford West Virginia Details
20 1929 Chevrolet 2 Door Sedan Tennessee Details

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Hot Rods: The term seems to inspire the imagination. Drive-in's, hoop skirts and duck-tails. Elvis and Buddy Holly on the radio. The original idea of a Hot Rod was, take an old car and chop it down. This cuts down on the weight. The roof, the hood, fender and bumpers could all go. Then lower it. Hot rods may have been the original low riders! Tune it up and add some fat tires and wheels and you've got a hot rod!

The original idea of a true Hot Rod was a cheap, fast, stripped down, mean machine. A Rat Rod. Hot Rods began to hit the streets around the end of World War Two. It was 1945 and there were a lot of old cars around that were being scrapped. But the tin was good, and cheap. All you needed to do was find an new engine and running gear, chop it and Hot Rod it. As the culture continued to grow, the cars and styles got more elaborate, wild and expensive, and more people began fixing up and then offering their hot rods for sale.

By around 1965 the original hot rod era was fading as the car manufacturers were catching on and the era of the muscle car, performance cars right from the factory, was beginning. Original hotrods are much sought after collectors items and we have lots of hot rods for sale. Whether you are looking for a classic "T-Bucket" based on a chopped down Model-T Ford or something with a Ford flathead V8 there are a wide variety of cars to chose from. Big wheels, big engines, lots of chrome and wild paint work are all hallmarks of classic hot rod cars. They are fun to drive and are always guaranteed to turn heads where ever you go.