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WhatEver Classic Autos

2601 N. 4th St.
Enid, Oklahoma
73701 USA

: 580-234-1843
Whatever Classic Autos was founded by Rex Ramsey who recently passed away at
74 years of age on May 20, 2007. Rex loved buying classic Chevys of the 40's,50's,
and 60's; and restoring them from the ground up. Most of these fine automobiles are
museum quality and several have won trophy's from Chicago to Texas as well as one
1964 Impala SS which was featured in Low Rider Magazine. Rex's wife Betty and
his son Robert are now offering these classic cars and trucks for sale to you...

Never before offered collectors cars are now being liquidated to settle Rex Ramsey's
estate. These cars and trucks are located in Enid, Oklahoma behind Ramsey's
Whatever Store; Rex's business of 24 years.

Call Robert at 1-580-234-1843 to discuss purchasing one of these great autos from
the past!

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