It was Christmas in Nebraska recently when a classic cars auction was held in a small town.

The cars that were auctioned off were left behind after an old Chevy dealership closed years before. Many of the cars had never even been driven, which was evidenced by one Chevy Cameo pick up truck that had just one mile on the odometer. That pick-up truck sold at the auction for $140,000.

Reporters called the scene a “Car lover’s field of dreams”, and it truly was. Many of the cars had been sitting there for more than fifty years, and more than one car showed its age after all of that time. Others, however, looked as good as they did when they were showroom new. Some of them still had the original plastic covering their seats.

If you’ve ever been to a classic cars auction, you know how competitive it can get once the bidding starts. This particular auction resulted in huge profits, as well as a lot of happy classic car owners. While there will certainly be a bit of restoration that needs to take place before these cars are ready for the road, it’s easy to see that these folks aren’t the kind of people who mind.

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