3) Collision with an Alligator: A man was driving his 1940 Chevy Custom Coupe along a highway in Louisiana one night, and he hit something on the road. Instead of getting out of the car to find out what he had struck, he decided to drive home. Upon arriving home, he found that the front end and the passenger side of his classic car were badly damaged, meaning that he had hit something big. Then, he drove his regular-use car to the scene of the collision, and to his surprise, he found a 12-foot alligator on the road.

4) Flip Flop Caught on Gas Pedal: The owner of a 1979 Volkswagen Super Beetle Cabriolet, who was wearing a pair of flip-flops, was driving home from the beach with his son. When he came to an intersection, he found that one of his flip-flops was caught on the gas pedal. As he was attempting to free it, he drove the car across the center line and crashed into an oncoming vehicle. Nobody was seriously injured, but the car was totaled.

5) Valet Mayhem: A valet who was barely past adolescence was parking a late-model Maserati, and he wanted to show off his parking skills to his friends. However, he lost control of the vehicle and hit a Jeep that was being driven by another valet. The Jeep collided with a Porsche 356SC Coupe and totaled it.