Classic car owners are generally known to be careful drivers, and most of them take the necessary precautions to prevent their beloved vehicles from being damaged. However, being careful does not make them immune to bad luck. Misfortunes can happen anytime, anywhere, and some of them can be really bizarre. Here are the weirdest claims from the files of leading classic car insurance provider Hagerty:

1) Pony Car Bitten by Goat: A family in South Carolina was hosting a party to celebrate their son’s birthday. They thought that the children at the party may want to use the bicycles in the garage, so they left the door open. By doing so, they also exposed their 1965 Ford Mustang to possible harm. While the party was going on, the goats in a neighbor’s home escaped from their pen and made their way to the garage. They jumped repeatedly on the classic car and munched on its top.

2) Snake in a Jaguar: Inspired by the spring sunshine, a man decided to take his 1971 Jaguar E-Type out for a spin. After driving for a few minutes, he found that his car’s engine was starting to overheat. He sent the car to a service station, and the mechanic found a big snake around the drive-belt pulleys. The snake had caused the belts to slip off the pulleys, resulting in the overheating.