Chasing Classic Cars is a television series that provides great entertainment and education for classic car enthusiasts. It has developed a faithful following since it made its debut two years ago.

Chasing Classic Cars follows Wayne Carini, a respected classic car expert, restorer, and collector from Portland, Connecticut, as he travels around the country to acquire classic cars and attend auctions and concours events. He searches for classic cars that have been abandoned in warehouses, barns, or other places and purchases them from their owners. The cars are sent to his workshop in Connecticut, where they are restored to their original conditions, and then, sold at auctions. Previous episodes include features on Bugattis, Bentleys, a Duesenberg barn find, and a Muntz Jet, as well as trips to Amelia Island, Greenwich, and Monterey.

One of the things that make the series worth watching is Wayne’s extensive knowledge and credibility in the field of auto restoration. He is truly an expert, and he has worked on vehicles that belonged to famous people such as David Letterman, the DuPont family, and Ivan Lendl. Wayne learned how to restore Ferraris from former Ferrari mechanic Francois Sicard and Ferrari authority on the East Coast Luigi Chinetti Jr.

Chasing Classic Cars is aired every Monday night on Discovery Channel, with each episode lasting 30 minutes.