While it is possible to find excellent deals in Craigslist, you should be aware that the website is a preferred place for scammers to ply their trade. Scammers in Craigslist have been particularly successful in swindling people who wish to buy or sell classic cars. Here are tips on how to spot classic car scams in Craigslist:

1) Be suspicious of sellers who offer cars at prices that are much lower than their market values. Scammers often use this method to attract the attention and interest of potential victims.

2) Contact the person who posts the ad. Find out why he or she is selling the car. A scammer will usually say that he or she is planning to move to another country and it is difficult to transport the car.

3) Scammers usually give either too little or too much information about themselves. If they provide more information than necessary, it is likely that the information is fake or cannot be verified.

4) Do not pay any money to the seller until you see the car. A scammer may ask you to wire money or make a transfer through an escrow service, but the escrow service may be based in another country or associated with a non-existent company.

5) Scammers also target classic car sellers in Craigslist. They will agree to buy a car and then send fake checks to the sellers.

6) Do not believe sellers who talk about a buyer protection plan, because no such plan is available in Craigslist.