In 2010 Porsche wanted to celebrate their 60 year anniversary of selling cars in America. To do so they searched for the oldest Porsches sold in America for each of their twelve models available in the U.S.

As many classic car enthusiasts probably remember they also wanted to find the oldest Porsche overall sold in America. They determined that the Porsche 1952 365 Cabriolet owned by Dr. Robert Wilson of Oklahoma City was that vehicle. They also determined that the oldest Porsche in America was an imported vehicle – a 1950 356 Cabriolet owned by Richard Brumme of Annapolis MD.

Now there is word that the oldest Porsche in the world has been found in Italy. This truly classic car has been restored by 70 year-old retired mechanic Luciano Rupolo. The Cultural web magazine “Locals” sent a short documentary to Car Fresh about the owner of the Porsche, his car collection and his experience finding the car listed as Porsche No. 004.

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