One of the best ways for classic car enthusiasts to meet people who share their passion is to attend classic car shows. In these shows, they can view stunning vehicles and get all kinds of information related to classic cars. Numerous classic car shows are held throughout the United States every year, and they range from informal gatherings to national events.


A cruise-in is an informal gathering that is planned by a group of classic car enthusiasts. It is usually held on a regular basis, and it can be as simple as a gathering of car owners in a parking lot to display their cars.

Classic Car Club Shows

Most local classic car clubs hold at least one major classic car show every year. Car owners who wish to participate in this kind of shows are usually required to pay a fee, and they may be given trophies or prizes if their cars are selected as winners.

National Meets

National meets are organized by national classic car clubs, and they usually run for a few days. In these shows, vehicles will be judged by expert judges, and prestigious awards will be presented to the winners. Some national meets include trips to museums and other nearby attractions.

Concours d’Elegance

Concours d’Elegance events are the most prestigious classic car shows. They feature the finest vehicles, and they have the highest judging standards. These events usually include receptions, tours, and auctions.