Auto manufacturers have produced many great and memorable cars over the years, but even the finest among them had met with failure on some occasions. Whether they were the results of over-eagerness to compete, experimentation, or just plain incompetence, horrible cars did surface in the market, and thanks to undiscerning car buyers, some of them managed to remain in production for a considerably long time. These cars were horrible either because they were made of inferior materials, had serious engineering or design flaws, or other reasons. Here’s a look at the 5 worst classic cars of all time:

1)    1971-1977 Chevrolet Vega: General Motors created the Chevrolet Vega to compete with Japanese auto manufacturers, whose sub-compacts were gaining popularity in the United States at that time. However, the car was built with rust-prone sheet metal, and its aluminum engine had overheating and oil-burning problems. As a result of these flaws, many sub-compact car buyers decided to go to Toyota and Datsun dealerships instead.

2)    1957-1991 Trabant: Communists were never known to be great auto makers. Even party bosses had to use dinosaurs that resembled cars that manufacturers such as Packard and Cadillac had abandoned a long time ago. After serving the state for many years, the people of East Germany, or DDR, considered themselves fortunate to own the Trabant, a wheezing automobile that featured a lawn mower-type two stroke engine and a body built from recycled industrial waste materials that were probably carcinogenic.