2) Choose a Suitable Route for Your Classic Car Road Trip

When you are deciding which route to take on your classic car road trip, try to select one that is less stressful. Consider taking state highways or side roads instead of interstate highways, because they allow you to drive at a more relaxed pace, and they offer better views of the countryside. If this is one of your first classic car road trips, it is advisable that you choose a route that has as little driving obstacles as possible. Try not to take a mountainous route, because it will put extra strain on your car’s engine. Once you know the limits of your classic car, you can attempt routes that are more challenging.

3) Take Safety Precautions When Leaving Your Classic Car

Whenever possible, try to park your classic car in a place where it will be within sight, such as right in front of a restaurant that has a window view or a parking lot adjacent to an attraction. When the situation does not allow you to have your car within sight, you should park it in a well-lit area that is full of activity and use a steering wheel lock or brake lock for added security. If you are staying overnight at a hotel that does not have indoor parking facility, it is a good idea to use a car cover to conceal your car.