The Ford Model B underwent substantial modification in 1933. It received a new grille that somewhat resembled that of the 1932 Packard and a longer wheelbase on a crossmember frame. The four-cylinder engine remained the same, but some people began to refer to it as the “Model C” engine, partly because there is a letter “C” marking on most Model B heads. The V8 engine, on the other hand, had a new ignition system, which increased its power output to 75 hp. More than 311,000 units of Model B were sold in 1933.

Only a few changes were made to the Model B in 1934, and these included a flatter grille and straight hood louvers. The four-cylinder engine was in its final year, but the V8 engine received another upgrade, reaching a maximum output of 85 hp. A total of 14 body styles were available for this model year, and the top-selling one was the Tudor.

Over the years, the Ford Model B has become a popular choice of vehicle among hot rodders. Model B hot rods mostly feature fiberglass or steel bodies, but some of them have original bodies. Show-quality hot rods are highly-prized, and they can fetch in excess of $60,000. Classic car collectors are also willing to pay large sums of money to acquire and restore a Model B.