Ford introduced the Model B in 1932 as a replacement for the Model A. The car was a much improved version of its predecessor, and it was a revolutionary car that had significant influence on the automotive industry. It remained in production until 1934, when it was succeeded by the Model 48.

The Ford Model B was also called the Deuce Coupe, and it was powered by an upgraded version of Model A’s engine, a four-cylinder 201 cid engine with 50 hp. Ford also introduced a V8 version of this car, which was completely identical to the Model B, except that it featured a V8 engine. This model was called Model 18, and it was the first American car with a V8 engine that was affordable to the masses. It was initially equipped with a 221 cid V8 engine with 65 hp, but it received significant power upgrade in the following years.

Both the Model B and Model 18 were available in a wide range of body styles, including two-door sedan, two-door convertible sedan, four-door sedan, two-door cabriolet, two-door roadster, four-door phaeton, two-door Victoria, four-door “woodie” station wagon, sport coupe, and others. Another thing that these two cars had in common was that their fuel tanks were situated in the lower rear, similar to those found in most modern cars.