Whether you are buying or selling a classic car, you will need to know the market value of the car. To find out how much a car is truly worth, you can either hire a professional appraisal or read a car valuation guide. One of the most reliable car valuation guides that are available in the United States is the Kelley Blue Book.

The Kelley Blue Book was first published in 1926, and it has been offering unbiased and accurate auto pricing information for car buyers and sellers ever since. Today, it is widely regarded as the leading authority in car, truck, and SUV valuation. The guide is published twice a year. The suggested values in the book represent the prices that are initially offered by car sellers, not the amounts that they receive from buyers eventually. The final selling prices may be substantially different from the asking prices. When you read the Kelley Blue Book, you will find useful information such as original list prices, retail and dealer prices of vehicles that are in good or excellent condition, mileage ranges that are acceptable to buyers, etc.

Kelley Blue Book has a website (linked to above) that offers information on auto prices, financing, and loans as well as news and reviews. Make sure you check out this website before you sell or buy a classic car.

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