One of the main things that judges look for in classic cars is originality. As such, you have to make sure that your car’s engine looks the same as when it came off the assembly line. Even things such as chrome valve covers and wiring harness should be original. There are auto restoration companies that sell wiring harnesses with original fabric-type insulation.

Brightwork and Glass

Original glass on a classic car is not safety glass, and it is prone to chipping or bubbling over time. Judges understand that it is practical for owners to replace the original glass, and they will not deduct points for it. Also, keeping original brightwork on your classic car will not help you gain the judges’ approval. Pot metal, a material that is commonly used for making brightwork in old cars, is a cheap material that pits easily. So, it is better to replate the brightwork on your vehicle.


Judges will get under your classic car to inspect its belly, rear axle, driveshaft, and brake lining, as well as check for dirt. They will look at the metal identification tag on the rear axle and evaluate the originality of the driveshaft. Depending on the age of your car, they may also look for fabric insulation on the brake lining. You will not be penalized if you use replacement fabric insulation. Finally, remember to clean the underside of your car before the classic car show.