If you are a classic car enthusiast living in Pennsylvania, it is recommended that you become a member of the Historical Car Club of Pennsylvania. This club provides excellent opportunities for you to meet with other enthusiasts and take part in interesting classic car-related activities. It will certainly take your passion for classic cars to a whole new level.

Situated in southeastern Pennsylvania, the Historical Car Club of Pennsylvania was established in 1949 by six friends who were passionate about veteran automobiles, and it has continually fulfilled their resolutions until today. Presently, the club has over 700 members, making it one of the biggest auto clubs in the region. It is a family-oriented car club that is committed to promoting the appreciation of classic cars, and it organizes a wide range of events every year for the enjoyment of its members and their families, including auto shows, tours, cruises, picnics, and others. The club also provides classic cars for display in local events such as shows, festivals, and parades.

The Historical Car Club of Pennsylvania is not only one of the most popular car clubs in the region; it is also one of the most affordable. Annual membership fees begin at $15.00, and renewal costs only $10.00. If you wish to become a member of this classic car club, you can download the membership registration form at its website.