Classic cars are valuable possessions, and they deserve the best storage facility. Presently, there are many storage facilities across the country that cater especially for classic cars, and they come with the most advanced security and temperature control systems. If you are living in New Jersey, one of the best classic car storage facilities that you can use is Antique Auto and Classic Car Storage.

The storage facility of Antique Auto and Classic Car Storage is custom-designed to meet the individual needs and preferences of classic car owners. There are altogether 141 storage garages in the complex, and these garages are equipped with a 24-hour computerized keypad access system. Entry and exit keypads enable owners of stored vehicles to come and go as they please. Since the facility is a self-storage facility, owners can rest assured that nobody else will be touching their classic cars without their permission. There is also a computer in the office for monitoring traffic flow at the complex, and a log is maintained to keep track of everyone who has been onsite.

Antique Auto and Classic Car Storage is more than just a well-designed and functional facility; it is the solution to all the problems that are associated with classic car storage. It is specially built to provide a “natural” habitat for classic cars in New Jersey. Visit the website of Antique Auto and Classic Car Storage to find out more about its storage service.