Other than being one of the greatest entertainers in American television history, Jay Leno is also known as an avid collector of automobiles and motorcycles. To date, the Tonight Show host has gathered a collection of more than 250 vehicles, which include approximately 200 automobiles. To give auto enthusiasts a glimpse of his fabulous collection of vehicles, he has set up a website called “Jay Leno’s Garage”, which features photos and video clips of his vehicles and restoration activities.

Jay Leno’s garage is called the Big Dog Garage, and it is situated somewhere in Southern California. The 17,000-square-foot garage is home to one of the greatest private automobile collections in the world, and it is also one of the best equipped private restoration facilities. Types of cars that can be found in the garage include steam cars, antique cars, vintage cars, electric cars, classic cars, muscle cars, hot rods, custom-built cars, luxury cars, sports cars, super cars, and hybrids. These automobiles collectively represent a century of automotive history, with the oldest cars being a 1906 Stanley Steamer and a 1906 Baker electric car, and the newest being a 2006 Corvette. Other than cars, the garage also houses more than 50 motorcycles, 8 trucks, and 4 airplanes, as well as a number of fixed engines.

The Jay Leno’s Garage website provides an opportunity for auto enthusiasts to discover Jay Leno’s great passion for automobiles and other vehicles, as well as his outstanding mechanical skills. Besides images of vehicles, the website also offers articles, news, and other interesting information.