6) Engine Compartment – When you are detailing the engine compartment of your classic car, hang a bright light over it. This allows you to see different areas of the engine more clearly. If you have to remove certain parts to clean them thoroughly, do not hesitate to do so.

7) Window Glass and Stickers – Old and faded stickers should be removed before you start washing the windows. Peel them off slowly, starting from a corner. Use a cotton rag doused with rubbing alcohol to soften the remaining parts of the stickers and remove gummy residue. If you see any liquid running down the glass, wipe it up quickly before it reaches the bottom. Stubborn stickers can be removed by sliding a sharp razor blade underneath.

8) Detailing Rags – Make sure you use different rags to clean different parts of your car. For instance, do not use the same rag you use for cleaning the tires to clean the windows. Also, avoid applying different cleaning solutions on the same rag without washing it in between uses. It is recommended that you use microfiber towels, because they do not scratch or leave lint on surfaces.

9) Under the Hood and Trunk – When cleaning the underside of your car’s hood or trunk, place a sheet over the opening to prevent dirt from falling into the engine compartment or the trunk.

10) Exterior Surface Imperfections – Avoid pressing or flicking off small bubbles on your car’s surfaces. They may become chips or larger imperfections if they are removed.