Classic cars are more vulnerable to mechanical and electrical problems than modern cars, because they are kept in storage for longer periods of time. One of the problems that can occur is battery damage. While old cars are in storage, there is a higher chance that their batteries will lose charge, and this can result in battery failure. In extremely low temperatures, the batteries may even freeze completely.

One effective way to prevent battery damage in your classic car is to use a smart battery charger. CTEK’s XC 0.8 is a battery charger that is specially designed for charging and maintaining 6V batteries in classic and vintage cars. This device is very easy to use. All you need to do is leave it connected to your car’s battery while in storage, and it will keep the battery at optimum charge level at all times. This will help you avoid many of the problems that are experienced by classic car owners and ensure that your car will start well, even after being in storage for a long time.

Head of CTEK’s marketing department, Jan-Ulf Soderberg, said that the CTEK XC 0.8 is a very useful device for classic car owners who seldom drive their cars and keep them in storage during the colder months. By keeping a car’s battery properly charged, the smart battery charger can prevent electrical issues that commonly result from long storage during winter.
You can find out more about the CTEK XC 0.8 by visiting the CTEK website.