Bono, the British rocker and front man for the band U2, once owned a 1980 Mercedes 450 SEL and the car is currently on eBay not getting much attention. The car has been sold a few times over the years, once to Pepsi Cola and once to another singer, Keith Duffy, who in turn sold it to benefit autism charities.

The current owner, David Lawlor, wants to give a portion of the proceeds from the sale to charity as well. The first go round on eBay saw no bids at the price of 90,000 Euros. That price has been almost cut in half, to about $66,000 but there has still been no interest.

The car has been in videos for the band and has a sound system Bono installed estimated to be worth 15,000 Euros. The owner has put in a lot of money refurbishing it and for now that may be a reason to keep it.

The lack of interest could simply stem from the fact that the car is just getting lost among the millions of other up for auction items on eBay. At Old Car Online you will only find the best classic and antique cars for sale. If you’d like to sell your classic car visit our website for more information and review all that we have to offer to the classic car seller.