The owner of a classic car may have been storing it for the winter months and now they want to get it out and take it for a spin. If you have stored your classic properly getting it ready for a spin won’t take much time at all. A guide from short term to long term storage by Motor Watch is available at the Hagerty website .

Let’s take a look at some of short term storage tips that they have advised:
• Fill the fuel tank up to prevent condensation
• You can slightly overinflate the tires to reduce air loss
• Change the oil and filter (do this again when you take it out of storage)
• Don’t use the parking brake, wheel chocks are better
• Run the engine every two to four weeks
• Drive the car long enough to dry out the exhaust system and shift the transmission through all gears

Be sure to follow these and other tips available online and your classic should run smoothly after storage every time. Classic cars can be stored for many different times depending on the season and location and proper storage changes with the amount of time stored. At Old Car Online you can see thousands of classic cars for sale that will look good in any garage or any roadway. Find the classic car of your dreams on our website today.