The SS tag was applied to a number of Chevrolets over the years. The ‘63 Corvette, the ‘66 Chevelle, and the ‘69 Camaro, among others, have been some of the most sought after classic cars today.

Rumors about this Chevy SS from Holden coming to our shores go back to 2010. Now comes the word that a new Chevrolet SS is on its way from Australia and it promises to pack quite a wallop featuring rear wheel drive and a V8 engine. Now we all can have a chance to relive the past by test driving a rear wheel drive v8 “SS” sometime around the fall of this year.

March saw the Chevrolet Camaro outpacing Ford’s Mustang and Dodge’s Challenger in sales. Once this new SS officially becomes available it looks as though Chevy will once again be the reigning king of muscle car production.

These new cars will likely cost a pretty penny and some of us might like to own the older versions and rebuild them instead of waiting for a boat from Australia. If you like the old muscle cars of the sixties or are a fan of any other classics visit our website and browse old cars to your heart’s content. We have many classic cars for sale and, regardless what make or model you choose, you won’t have to wait for fall to get behind the wheel.