The producers for films like The Great Gatsby not only contact agents for their actors, they also contact agents for classic Duisenbergs and Packards. As you know autos like “Eleanor” from Gone in Sixty Seconds fetch a high price at auction but what about the car a filmmaker wants to use? How much will they pay?

It turns out that these cars can be found by contacting an agency devoted to supplying classic cars for films and TV. Some classic cars might get the owner $300 to 1,000 a day or more depending on the rarity of the vehicle.

If you want to register with one of these companies be forewarned – they may charge a registration fee each year. If your classic is in great shape it still may fail the screen test because the film makers want an older or more colorful version, so the fee may be lost money. The agent should also have the company using the car issue a certificate of insurance to you proving the car is covered by them because your policy surely doesn’t have car chase coverage. So investigate the agent and the fee before getting your classic car ready for its close-up.

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