The shores of Lake Como are serene and breathtakingly beautiful – nestled in Northern Italy near the Italian Alps there are few sights more impressive. If there wasn’t enough beauty there already the area will also be the site of the Corcoso d’EleganzaVilla d’Este which will be held May 25.

This auction will feature a large list of some of the most expensive classic cars available in the entire world. Classics like the Ferrari F 40, F 50, Enzo and the 288 GTO will be among the featured vehicles at the auction that could potentially fetch up to $30,000,000. A Ferrari 340/375 Berlinetta that competed in the 24 hour Le Mans race in 1953 will also be available for classic car lovers to bid on.

The cars featured will have documents that prove their worth including many with the Ferrari Classiche Certification. It is a mere dream for most of us to think of owning a car worth millions of dollars or even and considering the beautiful spot this auction is held gives it an even more dreamlike quality.

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