The Manthey’s Salvage Yard near Mauston Wisconsin has over 300 classic cars and trucks in various forms of disrepair that were once slated for demolition. Thankfully a number of years ago their neighbor had made a case to let them stay put instead of being crushed and sold for scrap metal. That neighbor, Mr. Bob Dziewior, has created a business selling used parts to classic car restorers ever since thanks to the Manthey’s decision to leave the cars untouched.

He shares the profits with the yard owners, which are probably less than what the scrap metal would bring but this is more than a job for the retired high school art teacher. He himself has the restoration bug and is working on a 1952 Dodge pickup, a vehicle his wife has an interest in because her father used to own one. Dziewior mostly sells to locals who come by with their own tools to get what they want but his business has even been featured in a Brazilian magazine this past year.

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