The connection between Hollywood and classic cars has been seen many times. Whenever they do a period piece you’ll see stories where the movie maker calls for a certain vehicle that a classic car owner provides. When aging silent star Norma Desmond in “Sunset Boulevard” hears from Cecil B. De Mille she thinks it means that there will be a comeback when actually it only means that they needed her classic car in an upcoming movie.

There is another connection between classic cars and feature films – the “cult” status that some achieve despite having been flops upon release. Many collectors will not give up their Corvair or Edsel if Steven Spielberg himself showed up with a checkbook. Just attend an all Corvair car show like the one they have every year in Downey CA or check out the Edsel Owners Club website and you’ll see what we mean. Part of their classic status is the fact that they flopped which means that there aren’t a lot of models available.

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