Shelby American has given us another countdown that will end this New Year’s Eve – they will stop production on the Shelby GT 350 that was reintroduced in 2011. The original GT 350 line was produced from 1965-67. All the cars from that first year were coupes with the signature white paint and double blue stripe. The first year of the reintroduction held to that standard and subsequent years saw new color combinations added.

Orders for the new models will actually be taken until the last day of the year so if you want one you better make a move now. The company wanted to match the three year span when they reintroduced the model saying the company’s goal was to make history and then repeat it. The noticeable engine growl that comes from these cars is a sound of the past that needs to be experienced.

At Old Car Online the Shelby and other Ford Mustangs have a large place in our listings. That engine growl may be easier to hear again than you think. You can browse classic muscle cars like this at our user friendly website and make a deal for one that won’t break the bank. No New Year’s Eve deadline to face either – you can always take your time at Old Car Online.