The classic car owner can be a collector who wants to make an investment or someone who just wants something to work on. Those who restore vehicles to their original luster with months’ to years’ of hard work may want that reward of selling it for more than they spent- a job well done rewarded. Or they just want to look at it and not let it out of their sight.

The best investment cars seem to be more valuable due to who may have owned it previously. One such car, a Ferrari owned by John Lennon, will be auctioned off soon and the fame of the one-time owner has definitely added to the estimated selling price.

RM auctions will soon sell this and other highly priced vehicles including a Ferrari that competed in the 1953 Le Mans race. While this car didn’t actually have a famous owner it should be the highest priced thanks to its nameplate and rarity. Some estimates are over $6 million where Lennon’s is more likely to get around $340,000, not too shabby for a not so rare Ferrari.

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