Published by leading classic car insurance provider Hagerty, the Hagerty magazine is a must-read for classic car owners and enthusiasts. Every issue of this quarterly magazine is read by over 675,000 people, making it the largest classic car publication in the world.

The stories, articles, tips, and information that are found in Hagerty are provided by a wide range of experts from the classic car community, including collectors, appraisers, restorers, repairers, show organizers, auctioneers, journalists, designers, automakers, and others. Different topics that surround the classic car hobby are discussed in each issue, and these can be about buying, selling, appraising, restoring, showing, or just simply enjoying classic cars. Those who wish to view Hagerty online will find additional information about the stories that are covered in the magazine, as well as lifestyle articles, how-to articles, product reviews, news, event guides, image galleries, and videos.

Reading the Hagerty magazine regularly will improve your knowledge of classic cars and take your hobby to a whole new level. You can subscribe to the magazine at the official website of Hagerty Insurance. Annual subscription, which includes four copies, costs $12.00, but it is now being offered at a discounted price of $8.00. If you are a member of the Historic Vehicle Association, you will receive a free subscription to the magazine.