The Wall Street Journal has taken a look at the explosion of classic car auction events and there are some interesting points that they make on what can drive the price of a classic car higher. A Corvette with a big block engine for instance goes at auctions for six figures but a smaller v-8 that actually handles better may go for as low as $40,000. They mention the Porsche 911 as being very popular and some can be found at a bargain price but this year they are fetching more money because it is the 50th anniversary of the model.

Speaking of anniversaries the Ford Mustang, one of the most recognizable of all classic cars, will be celebrating theirs next year. These cars are very popular due to their prices that can average around $20,000 at auction. That may change next year, especially for ones made between 1965 and 1970, according to one expert. A better than expected profit may be in the offing once the anniversary hype hits full throttle next year.

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