The antique vehicles that many enthusiasts buy may not be as hard to get going as the novice might think. Take the Ford Model T for instance – when Henry Ford made the Model T gasoline was a lot different. You may be troubled due to the fact that gas today is unleaded and it won’t be good for this car’s old engine. Well have no fear; there was no lead in gas back then either. In fact today’s gasoline may in a way be a little too good for an antique like the Model T.

The fuel used in those days may be more like kerosene we have today than the gas we use for our cars. You do need to beware of higher ethanol concentrations but many who take their Model Ts out for a spin just use regular unleaded with a touch of Sta-Bil or a little oil to help with lubricating the valve guides. Certainly the new Model T owner will have some homework to do to make sure the car isn’t harmed but today’s gas won’t be a problem with these little touches added.

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