The classic Chevrolet Corvette definitely brings to mind different things to different people. Some think of the red car with the white side panels like Otter drove in Animal House. Some just think about the roar of the engine and the more basic car enthusiast might think about the fiberglass body but there is one Corvette that begs to differ on that one.

A concept car called the Chevrolet Corvette Rondine that was produced for Italian Coachbuilder Pinafarina and shown at the 1963 Paris auto show will be at the Corvettes at Carlisle show August 23-25 this year. This unique classic is the only steel bodied corvette ever made. The Barrett Jackson auction price for this beauty a few years ago was $ 1.6 million; the highest ever for a Corvette. The body style is that of the 1963 Corvette but there are some subtle differences that give it a more European look.

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