Everything you Want to Know about The Beetle

Posted by Steve White on Apr 03, 2013

When it comes to classic cars muscle cars and antiques seem to get most of the attention but there are others that are highly favored by classic car collectors. One of the most popular of these cars would have to be the Volkswagen Beetle, which has been with us since 1938. The Volkswagen was an idea that Adolf Hitler had in 1933 to make a simple vehicle for the average German family, hence the name Volkswagen which means “people’s car”.

He gave the job of development to Ferdinand Porsche. It is the most manufactured car with a single running platform in history. If you are an enthusiast for the Beetle you may have seen the mention of an info graphic on the car produced by Petrolicious last month on Road and Track’s website.

The info graphic has a timeline and all sorts of information, some technical and some just for fun. For instance, did you know you can change the fan belt on the Beetle while the car is running? Well we don’t recommend trying this at home, but it does beg the question of who found out this interesting piece of info?

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  1. Don

    Hi there,

    i have been a car nut for some time now & i think 40 years (i’m 46). After a lifetime of driving many cars & many cars found the mazda Maita the most fun& enjoyed my time behind the wheel& stick. But have come the conclusion as a middle class(just barely)i would only spend my money on a finished older collector to drive daily.Hence my daily driver is a 1994 Merc that i purchased for the price of a good set of wheels. I would love some suggestions for cars/trucks around 7 to7500 that would fall under specialty insurance.
    Thank you for all your work for us.

    God bless & take care,
    Don jr

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