While the first prototype Corvette was shown in January of 1953, production for sale at dealerships sent out the first ones June 30th 1953 so we have just passed this storied car’s 60th anniversary. There is another fact about this mainstay of the classic car industry and this may surprise you – it is the longest running continually produced passenger car in the world. Only 300 models were produced that first year and anytime one of them goes up for auction only really serious car collectors need apply.

Today’s models still have all the beauty of those first models but the Corvette has seen many changes over the years. There will be a new version for 2014, the C 7, and to kick that release off Chevrolet is making a new special edition – the Corvette Sting Ray Premiere Edition and only 500 will be made. All of these will be in the car’s Laguna blue color and feature a carbon fiber hood stripe.

Collectors can jump on board and buy one today and wait for the years to improve its sale price as virtually all Corvettes tend to increase in price with age. If you’re more in the market for a true classic Corvette you can head over to Old Car Online and check out all of the listings. Drop by today and browse all our classic cars and maybe you’ll find the Corvette that you just can’t pass up.