Fox news reporter John Stossel recently took a look at the classic car prices and relates how the focus may be on the high prices fetched at auctions on television. With some help from Rob Sass at Hagerty he reports that there are many classic vehicles that can go for a lot less money but that are still every bit as fun to own and drive. Here is the list they came up with of cars that may cost only about $10,000:

1. 1985 to 1994 Ford Mustang – Always a favorite of millions
2. 1966 to 1977 Ford Bronco – Another big seller with an almost cult like following
3. 1965 to 1969 Chevrolet Corvair – The misunderstood “problem child” of the sixties has endured and found a lot of followers
4. 1983 to 1991 Porsche 944 coupe – That’s right a classic Porsche for far less than six million dollars
5. 1976 Chevrolet Corvette – Not a big seller but maybe distance from its release date has made it more popular than before.

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